Here is a list of all the Add-ons that we use for World of Warcraft. An add-on maniplulates or adds functionality to the in game user interface.

Required Add-ons to Raid
The only thing we require to raid with the guild is Ventrilo. You can check out our Ventrilo Information. It is a requirement for raiding and you will not be eligible for any rewards unless you can at least listen to the raid tactics being discussed.

Other Add-ons we Use
Skada – Damage Meter
X-perl Unitframes – An awesome Unit Interface mod with loads of features
Bartender 4 – Action Bars
Smart Buff – Auto buffing for buff type classes. Great for Paladins.
Deadly Boss Mods – A mod that gives you important combat tips and timers for boss fights in raids
Atlas Loot Enhanced – Adds loot info for Atlas by instance as well as PvP and crafted gear.
Auctionator – Auction House mod for establishing sale prices and average cost analysis
Gatherer – Minimap and map mod for tracking world nodes of treasure, herbalism, and mining
Outfitter – Creates and auto equips item sets for mounts, PvP, etc. Great for people who use multiple sets of armor or weapons and need to change them on the fly.

There is a more extensive discussion about add-ons and macros in our forums.

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