Raiding Policy

The following are our guidelines for raiding. We are first and foremost a casual guild and do our best to go with the flow, however we have found that a few simple rules make for an overall better raiding experience for everyone. These guidelines can be altered at the consent of all participants for any particular event.

Raid participation is voluntary. No one is required to raid if they don’t want to. You will not be removed from the guild or looked down upon if you do not raid. That being said, committing to a raid means you should be online and ready to raid with appropriate prep materials for your class and profession at least 10 minutes before the scheduled raid time. Many of the guild members are very busy and have limited game time, so rushing at the last minute to get mats or to enchant some piece of gear wastes everyone’s time.

Raids are scheduled via the in game calendar system. Any Council Member can create guild events. These allow guild members and friends(you have to individually invite non-guilded members) to sign up. The list is taken in signup order providing we have proper raid mix(ie. tanks, healers, dps). Someone further down the list might be selected to fill a needed role.

Ventrilo is a requirement for progression events. This is about the only firm rule we have. It greatly reduces the down time and discussion of raid mechanics. You don’t have to have a mic, but you do need to be able to hear. See our Ventrilo Info Page for more details.

Loot is currently distributed on a Suicide Kings system for all progression events. This provides a fair system for pick-up players while still encouraging regular raiding by members. If a dispute about loot occurs, the Council will ultimately decide the outcome. Non-progression events will have loot distributed on a random roll to whoever needs the item. Don’t be greedy. In any event loot will go to active spec first unless specifically changed and noted at the beginning of the event.

At least one Council Member must be running the add-on [insert raid loot mod here–SKG is no longer working] to maintain the loot list. Guild Event results will (hopefully) be posted to the website.

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