Ventrilo Info

With the help of your fellow guild members, our guild now has a Ventrilo server! It’s a 25-man for now. If we have more donations, I can upgrade it to a 35-man, but for now the 25-man should be more than enough for us. Please donate to the guild if you have the means and not already made a donation. We purchase the 25-man annually in May, so anything you can donate would be helpful. is our host. They have very cost effective and reliable servers with some nice additional features at no additional cost.

Server Information:
port: 42806
password: obtained by reading “Guild Information” in game on your social tab.

Backup Ventrilo server:
port: 3784
no password. This is a public server

General Guidelines:

1. Use your character name or real name when logging on.
2. Do not change the phonetic of your username to anything annoying. Really long or offensive phonetics will be kicked.
3. Check your sensitivity settings to make sure you are not a heavy breather or being cut off. If you have to, use the “Push to Talk” feature and activate your mic manually. Ask Fingal and he can walk you through how to setup a keybind to mute your mic. We suggest that unless you are actively talking to the group about something that you mute your mic.
4. Register a user name and password with Fingal. Your password should probably be something other than the default access password. This allows us to change the Guest password if too may strangers start popping in on us.
5. You may give out our server info to other members of your instance run or raid provided they understand that members get priority and they have to adhere to our guidelines. Our server is only a 25-man, which should be more than enough for our normal guild events, but guests will be kicked to make room for members. Another reason to register on the server.
6. Feel free to use the server for other games or to make free long distance calls, etc. Just remember that it belongs to Dark Haven in game first.

How to Normalize Ventrilo
Go to Setup
Enable Direct Sound
Select the SFX Button
Select Compressor and click Add.
Under Compressor Properties use the following settings:
Gain = Adjust for how loud you want people to be. (I use 15)
Attack = 0.01
Release = Around 500
Threshold = Around -30
Ratio = 100
Pre delay = 4.0

Thanks again and hope you all enjoy the upgraded sound quality Ventrilo and Typefrag can provide!

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