• WoW Breaking News


    We will be performing scheduled maintenance beginning on Tuesday, August 20th, 7:00 AM (PDT) and we expect the service to be available again at approximately 8:00 AM (PDT). During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

    Please follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter for further updates.


Guild Council – These are the leaders of the guild. They spend extra time and effort to run the bank, website, and plan events and raids. Council members must have an authenticator active on their account to have full access to the guild bank and are then identified as Council Elders. Guild Council members meet on a regular basis to discuss the future of the guild as well as address any issues that the rest of the members bring up. If you are interested in contributing to the development of the guild, please speak to Fingal.

Veteran – These are members in good standing that have an authenticator on their account. This provided higher access to the guild bank.

Member – Members must have an authenticator active on their account to have access to the guild bank. Members with at least 6 months of inactivity will be removed from the guild unless approved by a Guild Council Member. Council should make a note in the officer’s note of the character.

Initiate – This rank is for new members. During the probationary period, initiates must register on the website as well as group with members in order to be considered for full member status. Initiates with at least 4 months if inactivity will be removed from the guild. You may reapply when you have more time to play.

It is important that everyone helps identify alts when they join the guild. Alts are identified in the roster comment per individual. It helps to see what classes we might need for raiding as well as keep the roster clear of members who no longer play.

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