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Legion – Review in Progress

So I have resub’d to WoW and I’ve played several hours. Most of the time has been playing with Stephanie in WoD content, but I’ve played a little into Legion and so far what I have seen is pretty good. The content is scalable to your level so you can start in one of several zones. The zones have a story to them that is separate from each other, but ties in to the overall story of the expansion, which is assembling several artifacts of power to repel the Burning Legion.

The introduction of artifact weapons for each class and the progress around the class order hall really touches on something from original wow that I have since missed, which is a class specific story. Each order hall has something unique to it that makes you feel special.

Definitely some good changes. Now if they can just make it so each of the pure DPS classes has a non-DPS choice of role, I think it would bring back some of my friends of old. More to come as I explore the new content.

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