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Return to Karazhan

So it may be worth it to re-sub just to enjoy this content as a 5-man.

The Return to Karazhan is a dungeon located in southern Deadwind Pass in the Eastern Kingdoms, designed for level 110 characters. It prominently features the story of the Last Guardian, Medivh, as well as his apprentice, Khadgar.

Return to Karazhan features many encounters found in its spiritual predecessor, such as Attumen the HuntsmanMoroesMaiden of Virtue, and The Curator. It also features new encounters and original story elements, including the battle against the twisted shade of the Guardian Medivh and a new, fearsome Legion commander, known as Viz’aduum the Watcher, who intends to anchor the tower into the Twisting Nether and turn it into a second major gateway for the Burning Legion to flood Azeroth with their unholy forces.

The instance was originally released with Patch 7.1 as a Mythic-only dungeon. With Patch 7.2 the dungeon was also made available in Heroic and Mythic Keystone modes, both of which see the dungeon split into two wings – Lower Return to Karazhan and Upper Return to Karazhan.


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